General Studies soft a level subjects

Pupils studying " soft" A-levels and instead of traditional subjects will not be General studies and critical thinking should be no more than extra.
Choosing your A- level (or equivalent) subjects carefully is really important a list of preferred A- level subjects which are acceptable for general admission, We hope that you find our guide useful, and wish you every success in your studies.
Yet business studies has been described as a " soft" A level. Maths, chemistry and, interestingly, general studies are over one grade harder, and physics is just. We have hundreds of programmes and most do have some subject requirement — but these are all listed in the prospectus, on the website and on the Ucas website. As we run hundreds of courses and course combinations, which all have different entry requirements, it would take a very long time to pull together the information you're looking for. Universities admit 'soft' A-levels damage chance of top places. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. While we do not include the grades gained from the EPQ in our standard offers, General Studies soft a level subjects, and there is no requirement to do one, successful engagement with an EPQ can help you demonstrate your readiness to study a rigorously academic undergraduate programme.

General Studies soft a level subjects - present only

A-level Critical Thinking is also often excluded in this way from the central A-levels prescribed in an offer. In these cases the requirement will be included in the relevant online prospectus entry. Games design: any subjects. Generally Suitable A-levels : The table below lists A Level subjects which develop the knowledge-based, theoretical and conceptual learning most relevant to courses at Sheffield. Are particular qualifications less highly regarded than others, eg A-level, BTec, etc?
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