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Botanists generally need at least a bachelor's degree in botany or biology. Depending on their size, some colleges and universities offer botany as a subfield.
Start your search for your Botany /Plant Biology degree. Compare colleges and Botany /Plant Biology programs. Find Botany /Plant Biology scholarships and read.
Some Frequently Asked Questions about a Career in Botany A college degree, preferably in botany, plant science or biology, is necessary for most careers in.

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AUDIO AND VIDEO PRODUCTION RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC EXAMPLE Writing, and Speech are shown above, Botany some college. Community College Course Planner for Transfer to OSU Botany Major:. Writing I: English Composition. Researchers in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica stand near the base of a Screw Pine, Pandanus sp. Check the Equivalency Tables found on the OSU website to learn which of your Community College courses meet these requirements:.
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Plants are essential to the lives of humans, providing all our food—either directly or indirectly—as well as the oxygen we breathe. Botany often includes the study of algae, may deal with fungi and bacteria, and usually explores the lives of plants, from tiny floating duckweeds to gigantic redwood trees. City Leave Blank :. Writing I: English Composition. You'll also learn more about plant structure, anatomy, genes, and physiology. Your course of study will likely include extensive fieldwork and research, as well as time in the lab. If you want to search for new medicines or advance the frontiers in the study of cellular and molecular plant processes, working with a botanist can lead you in the right direction.
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