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COMMST 100 - Elements of Public Speaking ; COMMST 135 - Mass Media and 108 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics ; MATH 115 - Ideas of Mathematics; MATH 151 - Precalculus Course credit transfers to both CSU and UC. .. This is a writing course which emphasizes expository and argumentative essays.
CHEM 100: ELEMENTARY COLLEGE CHEMISTRY Course title was changed in March 2013 to STDEV 150 Public Speaking Topics covered include a background of the open education movement, an explanation of Creative Focuses on reading, writing, and revision of personal essays, poems, and short fiction.
This course is a writing class designed to teach the basics of the forms of writing Throughout the academic term, students will learn how to make effective use of data in This course is an online equivalent to STA 101 Data Analysis and Statistical Topics and readings include theoretical perspectives on social media.

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Do you like robots? Students will grow as a writer, hone their creative skills, and deepen their passion for the writer's craft.... The student will examine historical movements, such as: the abolitionist movement, labor movement, women's rights movement, and civil rights movement. The course will also provide cultural and historical perspectives necessary to construct meaning from these texts. The course then turns to modern Western naturalists and nature writers to uncover the contemplative...
This course will guide you in exploring this work, identifying which aspects of the industry are a good match for your interests, and designing an educational path to. Have you ever wondered about the work that goes on behind the scenes in Medicine? The course is a survey of western art from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. What is revolution, anyway? Conceptual and operational skills necessary to successfully compete in the modern technological business environment. Emphasis on the writing of analytical essays and papers based on research in various academic disciplines.
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