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Ineffective conclusions In the literature on conclusions found on many websites, a number of features are repeatedly mentioned as ineffective. You may check.
This guide provides information about locating dissertations and theses, both those completed at Stanford University and those from other.
These links to online lists of dissertations will be added to as new websites are identified. If you come across a useful site, please send us the. Linguistics dissertation websites Event-structure and the internally headed relative clause construction in Korean and JapaneseMin-Joo Kim. Focus in Kikuyu and Universal Grammar. The sources of phonological markednessLinguistics dissertation websites, Kathryn Gilbert Flack. Morphology and Universals in Syntactic Change: Evidence from Medieval and Modern Greek. Disjunction in alternative semanticsLuis Alonso-Ovalle. Contrast preservation in phonological mappingsAnna Lubowicz.
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