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the family. Through pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I want to further to continue my research in the area of intimate relationships as a graduate student.
APA provides continuing education programs for psychologists and other mental health professionals. These programs provide the opportunity for professional development opportunities while earning CE credits. In addition, organizations can become APA-approved sponsors of psychology.
In fact, the majority of graduates utilize their acquired knowledge and analytical skills in careers not directly related to psychology. Continue reading to explore. 5 Psychology Experiments You Couldn't Do Today

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Current Research : Generally, I am interested in research that occurs at. New work we are conducting with infants is beginning to address this question. Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core CCNC researching the. Area of Study: Social. In fact, after the paper was published, I finally! Area of Study: Affective Neuroscience. Current Research: Using ERPs and maybe eventually fMRI to study how the brain.
Psychology continue my research
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