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Are these the right schools for his college admission list? He has taken 3 SAT Subject Tests, Math 2 Physics and Chemistry.
Once we take the test, let's discuss how it went on here! MODERATOR'S NOTE: No SAT Subject Tests — College Confidential.
This was posted on the College Confidential site, very early in the morning And, the fact that they have served as captains for multiple sport teams, .. there are certain programs at Oxbridge (the obvious one is Medicine, which it The up- shot of high scores in AP or SAT Subject tests is you get out of all.
If your child applies early action to one school, does that hurt her chances for getting into another regular admissions? Two, given the significant endowments of many private schools and lack of quality science students, private schools can provide large scholarships to these students. I applaud the small group of college presidents, many from the Midwest, who are not participating in the U. I am an English teacher in Korea. Another one is having to pick a college sight unseen. Sports Medicine college confidential subject tests
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