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History. Before the Food Science and Technology Department was created in Dairy Science, Animal Science and Poultry Science, all in the College of Agriculture. Later a course in Fruit and Vegetable Processing taught by Dr. Bill Cooler.
Most courses in food science have a laboratory as well as a lecture component to provide students with hands-on experience in such areas as food preparation.
College /Department: Center for Hospitality and Sport Management This course explores the history, techniques, science, creative inspiration, and the new. Food Science history subjects in college

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More young people also need to go into the culinary arts as public schools start getting back to cooking real foods in schools, from local sustainable sources and getting away from pre-packaged non-nutritional, GMO laden junk food. Oxford Brookes University England. It was made possible by a special appropriation by the Virginia Legislature which was spearheaded and strongly supported by food processors located in the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and by Col. Division of Nutritional Sciences. School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Metabolism & Nutrition, part 1: Crash Course A&P #36
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