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Criminal justice is distinct from the field of criminology, which involves the study of crime as a social phenomena, causes of crime, criminal behavior, and other. According to Joycelyn M, Criminal Justice research paper essay example. Although many process, protocols, and scientifically reforms have been adopted, criminal justice practitioners and senior level leaders provide are continuously developing and revitalizing policies to foster cultural competence while ensuring public safety standards through law enforcement. Like other practitioners who work in the court, judges also have the potential to behave irresponsibly or in an unprofessional manner. There is clearly an abundance of literature devoted to the correctional officer subculture. People believe that if you do something wrong, in this case, kill someone, then you will be put to death therefore preventing you from committing that wrong act again. Just as both prosecutors and defense attorneys have the potential to behave unethically, judges are also not immune to engaging in inappropriate behaviors. Criminal Justice research paper essay example
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