Philosophy yale university courses offered

All courses in Philosophy count toward the twelve- course requirement. With approval from the director of undergraduate studies, courses offered by other.
All Philosophy courses are eligible for credit toward the major, with the Senior requirement Each year certain seminars offered by the Mathematics and.
Please note that all courses with the letter “a” are offered in the fall semester and all PHIL Introduction to Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant.

Also: Philosophy yale university courses offered

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Best colleges for communications make a essay Exploration of the end, or aim, of metaphysics in light of the supposition that it is at an end. An exploration of some reductive approaches in contemporary metaphysics and philosophy of science. For Philosophy seminars that fulfill the senior requirement, consult the director of undergraduate studies in Philosophy. A systematic examination of normative ethics, the part of moral philosophy that attempts to articulate and defend the basic principles of morality. Students must petition to fulfill the senior requirement through an independent project, and approval is not guaranteed. Prerequisite: at Philosophy yale university courses offered two previous courses in philosophy. Skip to main content.
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2. Socratic Citizenship: Plato's Apology Students may petition for credit toward a group requirement, though the presumption will be against such petitions. Reading, writing, and presentation skills. Authors include Davidson, Anscombe, Frankfurt, Bratman, Velleman. Recommended preparation: a course in philosophy or psychology. Issues include the grounds of normativity and rightness and the role of the virtues. Would immortality be desirable? But instead of simply refusing to call such values into question, we should attempt to make a more positive response. Philosophy yale university courses offered
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