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Zoology majors study how animals function at the cellular, tissue, organ, and It also allows a wide range of choice in upper level animal biology courses.
One of the enduring fascinations of Zoology as a subject is that we can learn so As for all degree programs, students also have to meet University and College.
The Zoology Major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours consisting of four core courses (evolution, ecology, organismal diversity, and general genetics). Zoology major subjects in college

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Bachelor degree examples website for essays in english Majors and Minors Zoology. Students gain knowledge about the diversity of life its evolution and significance and about the structure of organisms and ecosystems and how they function i. Zoology is the study of animals: their structure, physiology, development and evolution, and adaptations to Zoology major subjects in college environment. The Zoology Major satisfies the minimal requirements for most graduate programs in biology, but additional courses might be recommended, depending on the graduate program a student anticipates entering. Zoology Major: the four year plan. The School of Education, Health and Society. Our servers have seen too many requests from you recently.

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Typical Program of Study for Zoology Majors:. Students planning to attend graduate school should discuss their plans with their Zoology advisor. The School of Engineering and Applied Science. Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program URAP. Minor in Zoology Check Sheet. No specific courses are required, but these are recommended:. This can be for academic credit or for employment during the academic year or the summer and is an important resume builder. Zoologist.
Additional courses can be approved as electives by the zoology advisor, Sue Ellen Dehority dehority. No more than three semester hours of independent study courses e. One of the enduring fascinations of Zoology as a subject is that we can learn so much about ourselves and our environment by studying what our fellow creatures do. Sophomore Year In this year, Zoology major subjects in college, students finish any introductory courses they have not yet completed and begin the study of zoology by taking courses in anatomy, physiology, genetics, and evolution, and these subjects provide the great underlying principles of animal structure and function, and the mechanisms of evolution. Remaining courses may be chosen from botany, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics, microbiology, physics, psychology, statistics, and computer science and software engineering. The laboratories accommodate research in behavioral studies, aquatic and animal studies, biochemistry, and physiology.
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