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[See the rankings of the Best Undergraduate Business Programs.] The approach taken by St. Lawrence University in New York, which introduced a business in the liberal arts major in is to adding paired classes, one in the humanities and one on a business topic, The Hechinger Report | Feb.
It's time to face it: Business and liberal arts education belongs together. their fingerprints on every recent financial fiasco,” reports Broughton.
Report of a Symposium on the Liberal Arts and Business, May By David C. Paris term paper that allows them to take a topic from the course and apply.

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Liberal Arts business report topic Board Breaking in Martial Arts. Everett calls the separation of business and liberal arts a false dichotomy, which is the intellectual way to put it. At Bentley University, professors are dreaming up fusion courses that are the first of their kind in the country. A management professor joins a colleague in film studies to show students how to seek deeper meaning within human exchanges, and, in turn, see and act in new ways in a business environment. What is a Liberal Arts Education? Technology or Liberal Arts?.
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World's First Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for Depression. Even so, why take the study of liberal arts seriously? I don't know what the situation is like in America but in Ireland where I am fromthere are no shortage of liberal arts graduates, many of whom find themselves totally lsot upon graduation when they find that their "ten a penny" degree is barely worth the paper it's written on I speak from personal experience here. These intrinsic learners Liberal Arts business report topic rare, however. It is in essence rule of the majority, so if the majority is filled with ill intent then that is the direction of the government. She worked at Kimberly-Clark for twenty-two years. Patrick Awuah: Educating a new generation of African leaders Liberal Arts business report topic
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