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Nursing Resources: Types of Research within Qualitative and Quantitative Hint: the abstract (summary) of an article is the first place to check for most of the.
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CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e. In line with our study findings, it can be said that back massage given during chemotherapy affects anxiety and fatigue suffered during the chemotherapy process and that it significantly reduces state anxiety and acute fatigue. EBSCO Health provides the highest-quality and largest collection of medical literature available for medical research and offers a suite of health care databases including:. This pilot provides encouraging results that suggest that replication and further study of mindfulness in the workplace would be beneficial. Perceptions of dying well and distressing death by acute care nurses. Perioperative pain management barriers in cardiac surgery: Should we persevere? The Affordable Care Act ACA promotes the Patient-Centered Medical Home PCMH model as a way to improve healthcare quality, the patient experience, and has identified nurse-led primary care as a mechanism. A problem in many health care practices is deciding the appropriate appointment length for new and established patients. Examining perceived and actual diabetes knowledge among nurses working in a tertiary hospital. Nurses' health promoting lifestyle behaviors in a community hospital. Nursing type of research articles Research Defined: What is research? How do you recognize a research article?
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