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To prepare for college, there is no substitute for your child getting a solid and challenging courses in academic subjects and maintain good grades in high school. CHART 2. Recommended High School Courses for College -Bound Students . called "curriculum frameworks") in core subject areas such as math, science.
Senator Fulbright has noted that scientists and scholars have a special bring reason and justice and humanity into the relations of men and nations. .. The good harvest in 1952 was immediately followed by the introduction of . Audrey Donnithorne is lecturer in Chinese economic studies at University College, London.
The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) School and clinic received The School offers Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Degrees: 1. . Students have a room wherein they can review charts and discuss patients or existing courses that specifically teach these topics as core. This term allows students to test out the program before beginning full time in the fall. In this course, students are oriented to the procedures and protocol needed to successfully complete internship. This includes ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism, as well as, basic nutritional needs and the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Students will attend lectures, demonstrate and practice in the traditional and modern accessory techniques of Oriental Medicine: moxibustion, magnets, guasha, cupping and auricular techniques. This course is a review of the basic sciences focusing on chemistry, microbiology and human biology. At the beginning of the second year, students begin developing needle insertion skills.

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The directed learning paper traces the development of Chinese medicine including: the classics, historical figures and periods, and a discussion of important theoretical developments. Students receive intensive instruction in techniques of clean needle insertion as approved by current national standards. It requires an essay and written exam. The influence of these schools on the development of Chinese medicine is stressed in this course. The theory and diagnostic evaluation of musculoskeletal conditions is covered. This start is ideal for students who are finishing up their spring term at another college.
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