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Plant science holds a special place at Connecticut College. Here, botany is its own department, distinct from biology. Major in botany and you have unparalleled.
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For instance some uni's place Horticulture under Botany while other list it with Agriculture. I believe that this is generally a poor idea. Also consider computer programing as a minor. For instance, the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Thanks, Klavier There are jobs with the seed companies, field researchers usually university related , persons who evalute sites as to land use and in my area whether an area is a wetland. First, if you don't take naturally to math and numbers you will have your work cut out for you. I work for an environmental consulting firm, and we have lots of botanists and biologists working for us. Highest Average Student Loan. I believe that this is generally a poor idea. It takes that specialized training to determine differences in species, especially closely related species. Botany what is major in college
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