Psychology is business a good major

My parents are telling me to Major in Business because there are of and if I stick with psychology then it will lead me to good places, but I am.
law, business, medicine), a psychology major can be useful. should consider majoring in psychology if they are interested in it and reasonably good at it.
When all is said and done, psychology majors know a good thing when . than students who majored in engineering, business, or computers. QUT double degree (Business and Psychology) student Tess McBryde If the question was worded differently, the surveyors might have directly assessed whether the alums actually regretted their choice of a major instead of being dissatisfied with their careers more generally. Some students interested in management and business choose to complete a minor in economics or business institutions, a second major or minor in international studies, an Integrated Marketing Communications certificate through Medill, or a Kellogg undergraduate certificate. What Psychology Majors Did After Graduation. First, I LOVE studying psychology. Finance BA then Finance MBA. Considering a psych degree? Look at the studies.

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If you are considering psychology as a major or minor, the information in this document might be useful. Filter results by countries. Do NOT major in Psychology! More About Marketing Manager Sales representatives, work for wholesalers and manufacturers, selling products. Find a Treatment Facility. How about my other question? They also help retain employees by resolving conflicts with co-workers and supervisors. Psychology is business a good major

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He was already getting in. The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Psychologist [Mini course]. Some good points about the white paper, but it overlooks some other serious shortcomings. Major in the one you like better, minor in the one you like less. Sorry guys that was me a few years back a lot naive and a bit insane. Students interested in business careers can find many relevant courses in other departments.
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