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You can find 1 to certificate and associates degree programs at technical schools, career colleges and universities. Some Make-Up Artist /Specialist programs focus more on cosmetology or studio make-up artistry while others provide skills needed for special effects make-up.
Most Popular Schools for Make-Up Artist /Specialist Major & Degree Program. A program that prepares individuals to professionally apply cosmetic makeup.

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. International School of Cosmetology. Located in Hollywood, California, Elegance International is a private school that specializes in career education for individuals interested in cosmetology. This aspect needs to be considered. Make-up today is a very important factor of the total look and application has always been a popular activity that attracts much interest worldwide from the conventional methods to the extravagant. You can unsubscribe anytime.. Central Carolina Community College. Makeup Artist top degrees Blue Ridge Community College. Degrees Online Degrees Online Certificates and Diplomas Online Associate Online Bachelor's Online Master's Online MBA Programs Online Ph. Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas. The International Make-Up Association is an organization that provides qualifications in techniques used by makeup artists, Makeup Artist top degrees, allowing individuals to demonstrate their competencies in difficult areas through practice and examinations. The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences has accredited the cosmetology education provided by Celebrity School of Beauty for over five straight years. What Curriculum will be Covered by MUD?
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