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Associate degrees in jewelry design typically consist of 60 to hours and can This level of program is available at universities and art schools. be assured that they are receiving the best education that is going to prepare them for.
Your guide to jewelry design colleges is here. becoming more and more popular, designing non-traditional types of jewelry is also becoming popular.
Watch a video to learn more about this exciting major straight from students, faculty, and Learn the Art of Jewelry Design While Earning a College Degree. University of Washington-Seattle Campus. Highest Average Student Loan. Some professionals in this industry, for instance, have been able to secure apprenticeships or learn the craft on their own. Cleveland Institute of Art. Some of the pieces that students will design might be trendy, while others might be classic or historically influenced. By earning a degree in jewelry design, you will better your odds for getting higher level positions, complete with higher salaries. Many employers have difficulty finding and retaining jewelers with the right skills and the necessary knowledge.

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BEST MAJORS FOR JOBS 10 BEST TOPICS FOR WRITING ARTICLES For instance, they might open their own jewelry store, or design their own original and unique jewelry line. Typically, jewelry design schools are not actual independent educational facilities. Featured Schools: Online Schools. Do I Need a Degree From a Jewelry Design School? The school maintains close connections with industry and creative leaders with invited guest speakers from the field conducting discussions in topics such as design, studio management, gallery relations, professional practices and technical and aesthetic issues.
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Artistic skills and talents are also important when pursuing a jewelry design career. Some students might focus on designing more traditional types of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets. Learn more about our college ranking system. Students who are interested in enrolling in a NASAD accredited program can search for them directly on the organizations website. By the time students graduate they will have build a portfolio and a resume to showcase for potential creative projects and to present to potential employers. Many programs will also offer graduate-level internships for students who are interested in putting their knowledge and skill to work in a real-world setting prior to graduation. These methods of breaking into the jewelry industry are acceptable and just as difficult as — if not more difficult than — earning a degree from a jewelry design school.
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