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More than twenty five major specialties are recognized in the fields of engineering, computing, and engineering technology. In most countries, degrees in these  ‎ Other Engineering Degree Areas · ‎ Aerospace Engineering · ‎ Electrical Engineering.
Interested in the types of engineering degrees available? View the most in-depth list of engineering degree program comparisons & schools online. ‎ Highest Paid Engineering Jobs · ‎ Computer Engineering · ‎ Civil Engineering degree.
Engineering majors learn to use science and math to solve practical problems and help create everything from assembly lines and oil-drilling techniques to.

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Engineering major s

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It is an interdisciplinary study encompassing engineering, ecology, and architecture. Industrial engineers work for manufacturing companies, or as consultants to the manufacturing industry. A Metallurgical Engineering Degree involves the study of engineering principles to extract and in many cases purify metals and other minerals from ore. It is also one of the most challenging degrees available. As you consider your options in Lehigh Engineering, don't forget to check out these unique and powerful courses of study. They often work with other engineers and with architects, who focus on function layout or aesthetics of building projects. PS You can search for colleges and universities with engineering majors here. WHICH ENGINEERING MAJOR SHOULD I CHOOSE? (EP.1 - INTRODUCTION) The chemical engineer studies the effects of chemicals or compounds on one another and seeks ways to ameliorate or reverse undesirable effects, Engineering major s, such as pollution. Today there is a shortage of mining engineers, both in the United States and across the globe, so job prospects are good. The wide range of choice among the available programs must caution the reader to examine college catalogs carefully and to seek personal advisement from the admissions office or directly from Engineering major s engineering faculty. This type of engineering degree involves technology that utilizes chemical reactions to solve problems. Majors Biological Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering Physics Environmental Engineering Independent Major Information Science, Systems and Technology Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical Engineering Operations Research and Engineering Science of Earth Systems.
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