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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management is a quaterly, open access scientific journal Logistics/Supply Chain, Quality Management, Operations Management and Operational Research. Extended Full papers submission deadline: February 28, 2017 Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
from Emerald. Home > For Authors > Writing for Emerald > Calls for papers 1st March International Journal of Accounting & Information Management. Operations Management writing publishing paper for kids Find out more about how to submit online. Disciplines that they are interested in include law, geography, politics and anthropology. The journal aims to promote scholarship in the field by publishing the best argumentation and advocacy research. Global Security: Health, Science and Policy Global Security: Health, Science and Policy is a new open access journal that covers a wide range of topics related to transnational threats to humankind, with an emphasis on public health repercussions. Benchmarking as a means to. Temperature is welcoming submissions and offering a range of prizes for research papers.
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