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This course will suit you if you enjoy approaching complex problems from the perspective of more than one discipline.
“A liberal arts education gives students an opportunity to explore a variety of academic disciplines rather than following a specific rubric of courses that train them.
(Note: students cannot choose one major from the College of Liberal Arts and . minor in Asian American Studies is listed in the “Minors” section of this Catalog.
The course is designed to initiate a critical, Liberal Arts course guide, analytical and creative appreciation of the animated film genre and its role in cinema. Preprofessional areas are not major areas of study for the proposed degrees and are designated as educational goals in student records. Warwick offers a growing number of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary courses. Students will become familiar with introductory tools, methods, and models of economic analysis, as well as recognize their limitations. Among other things, the student will be introduced to the evolution of environmentalism from a business perspective and the business of environmentalism. The completion of requisite hours in these areas will thus satisfy both University Core Curriculum and college requirements.

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Diversity Studies in American Culture. The historical approach provides a method permitting the student to understand how media, including the cinema, have developed into the diverse and prolific platforms that exist today. Using a problem-based approach to teaching, you will learn to apply various research methodologies to research questions. Students will go on at least two outings so as to encourage their exploration of different modes of artistic expression. Students will be encouraged to collect visual source material from sketches and collages to help assemble a bank of images. Liberal Arts BA Liberal Arts course guide
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