Pioneers in philosophy, political theory, sociology, psychology, history, classical philology, the visual arts, architecture, and music wrote and thought in German.
Assistant Professors Rene Almeling (Sociology), Joseph Fischel (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies), Greta LaFleur (American Studies), Vida Maralani.
Assistant Professors Kate Baldwin (Political Science), Lorenzo Caliendo (School of Management), Lloyd Grieger (Sociology), Daniel Keniston (Economics).
Study of the tools available to analyze international affairs and to communicate that analysis to senior policymakers. The intensive major is especially recommended for students considering graduate school or social research, Sociology ycps. Introduction to the social, cultural, and political history of lesbians, gay men, and other socially constituted sexual minorities. Exploration Sociology ycps the American essay tradition, from some of its earliest moments to more recent iterations. An interdisciplinary, thematic approach to the study of race, nation, and ethnicity in the African diaspora. The complexities of poetic influence in the traditions of the English language, from Shakespeare to Keats.

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The fate of Marxian literature in view of sociocultural history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Introduction to the study of the growth, decline, composition, migration, and interaction of human populations. Concrete instantiations of these traditions explored through contemporary exemplars drawn from outside the professional religious or philosophical spheres. Students gain understanding of what increased competition with China for influence over Southeast Asian nations, as well as growing tension in the South China Sea, might entail for regional development, human rights implementation, and further democratization of the region.. Emphasis on factors pushing China toward a transition from its modern export- and investment-led development model to a pro-consumption model.
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